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Day One – 3 Day Riders

Day One – 3 Day Riders
Departure Town – Red Lodge, MT
Rest Stop – See Rest Stop Map (no lunch)
Arrival Town: Cody, WY
Miles Biked: 68
Total Miles Biked: 68

Note that each day the route traveled is in parts of both Wyoming and Montana, illustrating that The Beartooth Challenge follows the confines of the great Rocky Mountains and not the boundaries of man.

 The first day of the ride will be the easiest day since the ride from Red Lodge, MT to Cody, WY does not have any big climbs and is fairly flat. At approximately 68 miles, it should not take more than 5 hours of ride time to make the trip. At about mile 26 the group will cross the state line into Wyoming. There will be a rest stop at the halfway point so that riders can refill with hydration and eat some food. The first night is at the Holiday Inn Cody at Buffalo Bill Village. Dinner will be at the historic Irma Hotel Restaurant in downtown Cody, Wyoming (named after Buffalo Bill’s daughter). There are many things to do in Cody such as visiting the Buffalo Bill Center of the West museum.

Day Two – 3 Day Riders

Departure Town – Cody, WY
Rest Stop – Dead Indian Pass Overlook
Lunch: Hunter Peak Ranch
Arrival Town: Cooke City, MT
Miles Biked: 77
Total Miles Biked: 145

Notes: The second day of the ride includes having a hearty breakfast in Cody before departing into the mountains. This day includes the first big climb up Dead Indian Pass, which is a 13-mile climb, with an elevation increase of 3,200 feet, at an average grade of 4.7%. There will be a rest stop at the Dead Indian Pass Overlook for riders to re-hydrate and add a layer of clothing as the temperature drop at the top is substantial. The ride continues into beautiful Sunlight Basin near the Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone River Canyon. The group will stop at Hunter Peak Ranch for lunch before making the final stretch up to Cooke City, MT. At about mile 72.5 the group will cross the state line again, back into Montana. There is a final 4 mile climb with an elevation gain of over 1,000 feet into Cooke City (into the wind). The group will bed down in Cooke City and enjoy a few beverages at The Miner’s Saloon


Day Three – (together with 2-day riders)

Departure Town – Cooke City, MT
Rest Stop – Top of the World
(no lunch)
Arrival Town: Red Lodge, MT
Miles Biked: 64
Total Miles Biked: 209

Notes: The third and final day of the ride includes a 12-mile descent to the base of Beartooth Pass. From there the big climb begins for the next 21 miles with an elevation gain of over 4,300 feet. There will be a rest stop at the Top of the World, which has a store for tourists and visitors, however this is NOT the top of the climb which is another 8 miles further up. Once at the top, there is a long 28-mile descent into Red Lodge. At the beginning of the descent at mile 39.5, the group will cross back into Montana. The final night will include a group dinner in Red Lodge at the Red Lodge Pizza Company with the presentation of finisher medals to all riders.