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Day One

Day One – 3 Day Riders
Departure Town – Cody, WY 
Rest Stop – See Rest Stop Map (no lunch)
Arrival Town: Hunters Peak, WY 
Miles Biked: 63
Total Miles Biked: 63

Note that each day the route traveled is in parts of both Wyoming and Montana, illustrating that The Beartooth Challenge follows the confines of the great Rocky Mountains and not the boundaries of man.

  • Depart Cody on WY Hwy. 120 North
  • Turn Left onto Chief Joseph Hwy and ascend Dead Indian Pass
  • Rest Stop at top of pass
  • Descend into Sunlight Basin
  • End at Hunter Peak Ranch

Day Two

Departure Town – Hunters Peak, WY
Rest Stop: *****
Lunch: *****
Arrival Town: Red Lodge, MT
Miles Biked: 53
Total Miles Biked: 116

  • Depart Hunter Peak Ranch on Chief Joe Hwy.
  • Turn Right onto Beartooth Hwy, WY Route 212
  • Ascend Beartooth Pass
  • Rest Stop at Top of the World Store (not the top of pass)
  • Enter Montana and descend into Red Lodge, MT

Day Three

Departure Town – Red Lodge, MT
Rest Stop – ****
Arrival Town: Cody, WY
Miles Biked: 62
Total Miles Biked: 178

  • Depart Red lodge on MT. Hwy. 308 (Bear Creek Hill)
  • At Belfry, MT, turn right onto MT. Hwy. 72 South
  • Enter Wyoming, road becomes WY Hwy. 120
  • Rest Stop at intersection of WY 120 and 294
  • Ascend Skull Pass
  • Descend into Cody, WY